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Executive recruitment redefined

As a C-level executive with 30 years experience, I know the challenges that both the employer and the potential employee face in finding the best person for the job. I created Centurion Search Group to go beyond what I’ve experienced with traditional recruiting firms. Whether you’re a client or candidate, you’ll find my approach anything but typical.


Centurion Search Group group is located in Boca Raton, FL, yet there are no boundaries — I’ll meet with clients and candidates throughout the country, either face-to-face or via web cam. I’ll never pass you on to a junior staffer after the initial handshake, because I believe one-on-one attention is the only way I can help you achieve your goals. And because life doesn’t only happen between nine and five, I’m available whenever you need me.


My focus is on identifying middle management, senior and C-level candidates in the businesses I know best. With 22 years in the financial services industry and eight in the cosmetic medical field, my knowledge base is quite diverse. I also believe that the marketing and sales professions transcend any specific industry — which is why I offer my services for that entire category, without limitation or hesitation.


Finally, since I strive for the perfect match, both in skill set and cultural fit, Centurion offers a six-month guarantee to ensure you’re completely satisfied. If you decide the placement isn’t working within the first six months, I’ll find you another candidate at no charge.

Bottom line — Centurion Search is executive recruitment redefined.

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